We are the world leader in B-to-B distribution of electrical products and related services. Founded in 1969 by two French families with a partnership going back 150 years, we have built up a global network of companies that employs over 46,000 people. Though we have grown tremendously, we have kept our family shareholder base, our independence and our basic values. Whatever Sonepar entity you work for, you get to share in our success, because this success belongs to all of us.

Are you ambitious and energetic? Good, because so are we.

We offer our associates career opportunities around the world and a rewarding work environment. We encourage you to take initiatives. We are enriched by your skills and your personality. We’re Sonepar—POWERED BY DIFFERENCE.

The will to dare

We dare to push boundaries. We question, we explore new ways, different ways. That’s how we stay ahead. It’s how we anticipate and effectively respond to customer demand. We are entrepreneurs, innovators. We dare to take risks—and we learn from our mistakes. Our people are trusted to seize  new opportunities, because we believe that being bold is one of the best ways to grow.

Create the future

Thanks to our forward-thinking work, we proudly create the future. By sharing our expertise and our passion, we forge the most long-lasting relationships with our customers and associates that we can.

Sustained by our family shareholders and the values they uphold, we act on a long-term commitment and we invest in creating a better future, a better planet.

Sonepar and predictive analytics

To enhance our customer service, we make use of Artificial Intelligence due to its relevant recommendations for analytics. Several entities test and implement solutions that could be generalized. The technological support provided by AI allows us to optimize performance in several ways by:
- Predicting delivery times: based on data about past experience with a supplier, we provide our customers with reliable and up-to-date information
- Optimizing the purchase experience: the analysis of purchasing behaviors provides helpful information on how we can proactively offer the products and solutions best suited to the profile of each buyer.
- Combatting customer attrition: AI’s predictive ability helps us identify customers likely to switch suppliers and understand why they are dissatisfied, so that we can put in place plans of action to improve customer retention.

Succeed together

Interested in thriving in a global organization and getting your share of its success?

We strive to be the best, and we share our success with associates, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

With commitment and collaboration, we achieve more and succeed, together.

Local meets global

We know where we come from.

Wherever we operate around the world, we value the local culture. A key ingredient in our global success is the deep knowledge that our operating companies have of their markets. Local personality plus global reach: that’s what enables us to join together on major worldwide projects.

Sonepar International Committees

Starting in 1991, Sonepar has set up several international committees. They bring together managers from various countries and experts in such areas as IT, Logistics, Finance, Legal, Compliance and Human Resources. The committees report on information from local entities to senior management and share expertise as well as good practices as a means to develop and disseminate concrete solutions faster and more efficiently. Marketing teams network internationally to improve the management of product segments, innovations and market opportunities. Those networks communicate and pool their experience.

We power the world

Our job is to make life easier for our customers—assisting them with projects of all kinds, be they large or small.

For that reason, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service at all times, and to taking new paths so that we can offer the best possible solutions.

The expectations of our customers are ever-growing, and our range of products and services grows with them.

We Care For Our People

How to Join Us