Sonepar is pleased to announce a new Regional Leadership Organization reporting to Philippe Delpech, CEO of Sonepar.


The Sonepar Group is engaged in an ambitious and challenging transformation agenda to become the world’s leading B2B Electrical distributor serving customers with the most advanced automated and digitalized omnichannel processes in the industry.

This ambition significantly raises the expectations and level of complexity of our operating model and requires an organization that enables us to simultaneously deploy efficiently and systematically governance and business processes throughout the Group.

Following the retirement of Dave Gabriel, Sonepar Chief Operating Officer, Sonepar is pleased to announce a new Regional Leadership Organization reporting to Philippe Delpech, CEO of Sonepar:

Rob Taylor is appointed President Sonepar North America in charge of all operations in Canada, Mexico, and USA. Rob will remain based in the USA.

Stefan Stegemann is appointed President Sonepar Central and Nordic Europe in charge of all operations in Austria, Baltics, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland. Stefan will remain based in Germany.

Patrick Salvadori is appointed President Sonepar Western Europe and South America in charge of all operations in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and South America. Patrick will be based in our Paris Global Headquarters. Jan Ferwerda, in addition to his role of Sonepar Netherlands President, will support Sonepar Digital Enterprise to design our future digital architecture leveraging the first large SAP implementation in the Group.

Benoit Pedoussaut remains President, Sonepar France.

Jér?me Malassigne is appointed Chief Strategic Marketing & Sourcing Officer and APAC (Asia Pacific) Operations. As such, Jér?me will be in charge of all of Sonepar’s activities in Geneva and will also overview Sonepar’s Operations in APAC. Jo Verbeek, President Sonepar Asia Pacific, will report to Jér?me who will be based in Geneva and will join Sonepar on May 20th, 2019.

This new organization is effective as of Tuesday April 23rd, 2019.

This new Regional Leadership will have to ensure, with the support of the Global Functional Leaders, that the Strategic Plan, finalized at the end of 2018, will be efficiently deployed across the organization both at governance and business initiative levels.

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